Friday Faves: John Mayer edition

Y’all – I love music, but I hate concerts. I hate the crowds. I hate how the artist(s) never sound as good as they do on their albums. I hate the overpriced merchandise. I hate that one couple who ruins the experience for everyone because they cannot keep their hands off each other. I just hate them. So understandably, I was a little apprehensive when I purchased tickets to see John Mayer.  I had the whole hating concerts thing going against me and I was so scared he wasn’t going to be good. With him canceling his last tour due to vocal chord issues and the last two albums not sounding anything like his original stuff, I honestly thought he was making a feeble attempt at staying relevant. Boy – was I wrong.


I cannot express how much I enjoyed last night. From the opening chords of Queen of California to the closing notes of Gravity, I was in awe of this man’s talent. Of course, I have crushed on him since he put out Room for Squares, but I had no idea how bad I had it. Now I remember getting excited when getting N’SYNC’s “No Strings Attached” came out in 2000, but that was mainly because I wanted to take it with me to dance class to play for everyone. But 2001’s Room for Squares was something entirely different. It was the first album I actually listened to as something more than notes and a beat – and I’m pretty sure I’ve thought “Love Song For No One” was the anthem of my life. From there, I remember memorizing the words to every song from Continuum to Heavier Things and rushing out to buy Battle Studies the day it came out. I remember crying to Gravity when my heart was broken and dancing along to The Age of Worry in my car. So you can see why I was apprehensive. You can see why I didn’t want to go to this concert and be let down by someone I had admired for his music for 12 years.


Now I can’t believe I was so worried. The man was incredible. You could just tell he was there to play music and not make a name for himself. He just had to get the music out of him at the expense of his beat-up guitar (with monogrammed guitar strap – precious). He played for two hours straight, and I’ve never been so mesmerized. While he didn’t play my favorite song of his, he did perform “Free Fallin'”, which in my opinion is right up there with Tom Petty’s original version and he closed the night with “Gravity”.

I desperately tried to appreciate the moment and not spend it Instagramming and tweeting. He even stopped mid-concert to commend “older” people in the audience for realizing that the world is not always staring at every little thing you do and to “dance like no one is posting”.  What a goofball! I honestly think we could be best friends.

Here’s my John Mayer playlist on Spotify if you want to sing along with me all day.


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