turkey day.

For as long as I can remember, Christmas has been my favorite holiday followed closely by my birthday. For years, I tried to convince myself that I didn’t love Christmas and my birthday because I got gobs of attention, love, and presents, but I loved it because I got to hang out with my family. Well I can officially say that younger Leah was a total attention hog – I say this with completely irony because let’s face it, at 23 I’m still a big baby. I did (and still do) love those holidays because I got showered with love, attention, delicious food and shiny new toys. I loved the fact that I was the baby of the family and people were excited to be around me. However, it’s becoming more and more apparent that that whole “I love holidays because of family” means more to me now more than ever before. That’s why I must say that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

Sure, Christmas will always be the most wonderful time of the year because of the warm, cozy feeling that’s all around, the beautiful trees (at least at my mom’s house), and the feeling that people are a little less mean and little more gentle with each other. But Thanksgiving is where it’s at. We are officially a week out from Thanksgiving 2013 and I could not be more excited to go home and celebrate it! The only pressure that comes with Thanksgiving is to not overcook the turkey and to wake up in time to watch the start of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. There’s no expectation to give the perfect gift or better yet, to make the appropriate and expected reaction to a gift. There’s usually no forecasts of snow and/or ice to ruin travel plans. And most importantly, there’s no lingering since of disappointment at the end of the day that we didn’t get enough accomplished or we rushed the holiday completely. Instead, there’s nothing but full bellies, unbelievable amounts of love and laughter, and with any luck a well-decorated tree to send you off into the madness that is the Christmas season.

With all that said, I cannot express how excited I am that I get to see my favorite 8 people over the next week and that is all due to the wonderful carb-filled Turkey Day. I hope you’re just as excited too!


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