weekends in c’ville.

You may remember my lovely pal, Sarah. We went to New York City together last year at Christmas time. We’ve been friends for as long as I can remember and I absolutely love her to death. We’re like the same person in two different varieties. She is preppy, super outgoing, and bubbly; whereas, I’m more eclectic, introverted and quiet. But we both love to dance and laugh, we share an affinity for Dr. Pepper and buttered noodles from Noodles & Company, and we adore everything Kate Spade. She is definitely the blonde to my brunette. garland making

Anyway, I was long overdue for a visit to Charlottesville so off I went! I made a quick pit stop by my hometown and dropped my moozda off at the car spa while my mom and I decorated the family Christmas tree and basically made a big, giant sparkly mess in the house. Then off I went to Charlotteville on Friday night.

We went to this lovely little Mexican joint called Continental Divide where I had the most amazing veggie fajitas of my life. I don’t have a picture of this delicious meal because I was trying to not be “one of those” people who snaps photos of my food, but I completely regret it now. They were delicious and had snow peas and carrots! I mean I was in heaven.


After a quick trip to Kroger to purchase the essentials – oreos, ice cream, Dr. Pepper, and firewood – we settled in for the night to catch up on girl talk and Netflix (we totally watched Russian’s Toughest Prisons, that’s just the kind of girls we are). Saturday brought with it a day of shopping and eating yummy foods, but the pinnacle of the weekend was Saturday evening. We settled in with our take-out, fire in the fireplace and flannel pajama pants and started making Christmas garland while we watched every Thanksgiving Friends episode, followed by Home Alone and Animal Hoarding. I swear, they just don’t make friendships like ours anymore.

love!(Abby was kind enough to let me see this picture but refuses to give me a copy until after Christmas!)

Sunday, I decided to drop in on the newlyweds since I hadn’t seen them since their wedding day. Of course I got put to work decorating, but I was so glad to see them since they won’t be home again until Christmas. When I finally made it back home to NC, I dropped off some treats for my fellas (boyfriend and puppy) and then settled into my apartment to decorate and watch White Christmas. What a weekend to remind myself how many things I have to be thankful for!

hohoho(Santa has made his first appearance at my apartment complex!)


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