adios january.

I cannot believe that January is over already. Technically we have 14 hours left, but still…

Just like that we’re 1/12 of the way through 2014 and what do I have to show for it?!

Things I’ve accomplished in January:

  1. I’ve been to the gym on average 4.2 times a week (mostly at 5:00 a.m. – ouch)
  2. I’ve helped the boy install 6 of 11 sets of blinds in the new house!
  3. I’ve made a dozen cupcakes that disappeared in 3 days
  4. I’ve cooked approximately 22 dinners & packed tons of lunches
  5. I enjoyed 1 snow day where I discovered the wonderful nectar of the gods, also known as coconut oil
  6. I’ve watched 2 seasons of Raising Hope, 1.25 seasons of Friends, 2 episodes of Breaking Bad and I’m currently caught up on Downton Abbey season 4
  7. I’ve read 4 books
  8. I spent 3.5 hours navigating the nightmare that is known as IKEA
  9. I spent 2.75 days in Virginia
  10. I’ve sent 7 pieces of mail
  11. I lost $286.92 to Sheetz and the Moozda’s constant hunger for gas
  12. I’ve saved the $26 required for the 52-week money challenge (hi, mom!)
  13. I fed Henry* once – his feedings are the boy’s responsibility because his food stinks and the last time I fed him he regurgitated his food and began pooping within 30 seconds of me feeding him

So there are the numbers of my month. Now to take on February, the best month ever! šŸ™‚

*Henry is our orangeĀ African CichlidĀ – he kind of looks like a goldfish, but he’s shy…except for when he poops and pukes. Shane likes fish. It’s weird.


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