Oh, little blog. You’re giving me quite the challenge this year. My last two birthdays, I offered wisdom and challenged myself…however this one kind of snuck up on me. It’s not that I didn’t realize I was about to turn 24, but I just have been swamped with doing this and that. This being finishing up class number 9 of my MBA program and that being preparing for everyone and their brother to visit Raleigh. I apologize, sincerely.

Instead, I’ve decided to make a list (surprise, surprise!) of 24 little things that I love about life.

  1. Being able to say “There’s nothing I really don’t enjoy about my job” 90% percent of my work days
  2. Waking up a few hours before my alarm and realizing I get to sleep a little big longer
  3. Knowing how to get to a destination without looking up directions or using Google Maps
  4. Going to Target with my mom 🙂
  5. Having Jasmine curl up in a ball on me and sleep
  6. Writing notes and letters and cards to people I appreciate and love
  7. Knowing keyboard shortcuts – seriously, how did I go 22 years without utilizing them?!
  8. Becoming an emotional ball with legs around holidays – (my money is on me crying at least twice today)
  9. Going to the gym and soaking up 45 minutes of uninterrupted “me” time
  10. Waking up to a thunderstorm and lightning
  11. The overwhelming feeling of joy and sadness every time I drive across the Virginia state line
  12. Having best friends who can complete my sentences even if we haven’t spent time together in months
  13. Being known as the “sparkly” one
  14. The satisfaction of cooking a really good meal
  15. Opening shipping boxes – even if they only contain textbooks, it’s still like opening a present
  16. Checking off things on a to-do list
  17. Planting flowers and enjoying them when they bloom
  18. Feeling the perfect amount of refreshed after a nap
  19. Eating a warm peanut butter sandwich – yum!
  20. Not wearing make-up and being able to rub my eyes
  21. Bear hugs from Shane ❤
  22. Earning an A on a paper that caused a huge amount of stress
  23. A successful trip to the grocery store – complete with grocery list that lists items in according to the layout of the store and saving over $25
  24. Riding with the car windows down on a Spring day

I do remember saying something about 24 random acts of kindness; however, my planning has been poor (along with my wee-little bank account) so that will have to stay put for now. I did scrub the floors, counters and buy flowers in preparation of the Virginia & West Virginia visitors this weekend. That counts, right?!

I hope your day is happy! 🙂



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