february wrap-up.

Holy cow, that was fast! I cannot believe that February has come and gone.

Here’s a quick look back at one of my favorite months:

  1. I went to the gym 17 times and hiked Raven Rock State Park once
  2. I attended my first baby shower
  3. I had 2 snow days where I didn’t change out of my pajamas and huddled in a blanket nest
  4. I’ve saved the $42 required for the 52-week money challenge
  5. I spent $173.43 on gas — down $113.49 from last month! Yay for shorter months and snow days.
  6. I made a dozen muffins
  7. I paid tuition for the second to last time!
  8. I earned an A in my first class of the semester
  9. I’ve gone 6 days without talking to my mom 😦
  10. I ate the most incredible peanut butter bacon banana sandwich
  11. I joined the Kate Spade New York watch club!
  12. I ate 1 slice of strawberry cake and 3 triple chocolate cupcakes
  13. The Furicane returned to North Carolina!
  14. I purchased a FitBit yesterday and I’ve taken 1,532 steps since I set it up last night at 7:00

So that was my month! Let’s see what March has to offer!


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