March Madness.

Hello – your terrible blog updater is at your service.

You know that saying that March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb? Well, Mother Nature must have forgotten that one. It’s been a dreary, windy, cold, tornado-y month. Okay, so that it wasn’t that tornado-y, but I did spend a significant amount of time wrapped in a blanket burrito, fearing for my safety on Saturday night.

Let’s look back:

  1. I took 15,000+ steps on March 20
  2. I had my first massage and facial experience (& felt way out of my league)
  3. I was pulled over and ticketed for the first time in my life (ouch)
  4. I was first place in my work’s bracket challenge for a significant amount of time. I was convinced Warren Buffett was going to have to pay me for a perfect bracket.
  5. Sarah and I ordered no less than 6 beverages at brunch in Charlottesville – we were running of out of room for all of our liquid
  6. I attended my 2nd baby shower
  7. I was spoiled with 2 new things from Moon & Lola + Chanel perfume just because
  8. I learned I signed a 13 month lease instead of a 12 month lease (another ouch moment)
  9. I learned that the word “kurtosis” refers to the hump on a distribution curve
  10. I’ve read 2 books
  11. I spent 8 hours in a car to see my best friend for the weekend 🙂
  12. I tearfully made it to season 4 of Breaking Bad – poor Jesse.

See ya in April!