hermit crabs & gale force winds.

I feel like I’m a completely different person than the last time I signed in to write to you. My world has been a little chaotic over the past couple of months, and some days the only thing I want to do when I get home is crawl into my bed. But since I am not a hermit crab and I have responsibilities instead of a colorful shell to crawl into, I figured I might as well write.

Since we last spoke, I have moved (twice), become uncoupled with a boy and with my first love the Moozda, bought a new car, acquired a roommate, picked up a second job (and about to start a third), and signed up for a half-marathon. Let me tell you, I feel like a breath of fresh air has been blown into me – I just wish it wasn’t being blown into me with such gale force strength.

If anything, I feel like I’m no longer sitting on the sidelines waiting for life to start (at least 85% of the time). I’m trying to take control of this little life of mine, so at least control of the things the good Lord lets me think I have control over. I’m learning to jump in with both feet and let life happen. I’m learning how to be sad about things being over, and resting assured in the fact that endings are just the beginning of something else. So expect a little more from me on this outlet. If I’m coming back to life, I need to come back to this slice of the interwebs that I call home.




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