Week 1 – I Hate Running.

We are officially 11 weeks away from my first half-marathon and my first trip to Disney World! I really should be more excited, and I am excited about Disney. But…I hate running.

Week 1

I’m using the coaching feature in the Nike+ Running app. It is a 12 week training program that schedules running and cross-train for you each week up until race day. This week was Week 1 AKA Warm Up.

Monday – 3 miles – 36:16

Tuesday – 4 miles – 48:01

Wednesday – Crosstrain

Thursday – Rest day

Friday – 3 miles – 35:04

Saturday – 4 miles –  49:39

Sunday – Rest day

As you can see, this week was not very encouraging. I had more runs tagged with tired faces than “so-so” faces, and my Saturday run made me question why I even was doing this. The silver lining is that I did finish that last run when I almost quit several times. And there’s a lot to look forward to like the Reindeer 10K in a couple of weeks. Here’s to a week of motivating runs and better times!

Weekly mileage: 14 miles


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