Week 4 – 1/3 done!

First things first – I ran 8 miles this week. At one time. In an hour and a half. Whoa.

Monday – 3 miles – 33:47

Tuesday – 3.8 miles – 42:20

Wednesday – 3 miles – 33:12

Thursday – Cross train

Friday – 3 miles – 34:13

Saturday – 8 miles – 1:31:09

Sunday – Rest day

This week my little running app cranked it up into high gear. We’re now running 5 times a week. Yikes! Saturday was intimidating. I had to force myself to stop thinking about it on Friday because if I would have psyched myself out and quit if I thought about it too much. Thankfully, it was a beautiful day outside and my dad volunteered to be my support crew/water station. He dropped me off at the top of the River Walk Trail in my hometown then met me further down the trail with water and starbursts. What a champ.

Weekly mileage: 20.8 miles

I’m off to go soak these tired ol’ muscles and joints of mine. What a week!


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