Week 5 – I hate running.

I’m back to my love-hate relationship with running. He has scorned me.

Monday – 4 miles – 43:48

Tuesday – 6 miles – incomplete

Wednesday – 3 miles – 32:18

Thursday – Cross train

Friday – 3 miles – 33:00

Saturday – 8 miles – incomplete

Sunday – Rest day (ran 1.72 or attempted)

This week I hated running or rather running hated me. I don’t know what was up but I just couldn’t find the energy, heart, or drive to get it done. I even drove to the gym on Tuesday, got on a treadmill, and decided NOPE not gonna happen. I guess we all have those running days that just don’t want to happen. Maybe I just hit my wall or something. But I can’t let it stop me. Race day is 6 weeks away! Woohoo. I’ve decided to dress up like Chip from Beauty & the Beast – you know the adorable teacup. I’m thinking a blue and lavendar tutu with a white top lined in gold ribbon. Yes/no?

Weekly mileage: 13.72 miles

Here’s to an upcoming week of cans instead of grumpy “I don’t want to”s.


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