Week 7 – Frustrations and Finds

I’m starting to get a little frustrated with this whole running situation.

Monday – 4 miles – 43:43

Tuesday – 4 miles – 46:58

Wednesday – 4 miles – 45:21

Thursday – Cross train

Friday – 4 miles – 48:14

Saturday – 10 miles – 2:07:37

Sunday – Rest day

So…you’ll notice that I ran the same mileage four times this week with finishing times all over the map. This is really starting to take a toll on me. I mean I thought running was supposed to get easier, but here I am at the end of Week 7 still having to trick my brain into thinking it likes to run.

I’m starting to have a serious problem with the treadmill. When I run at the gym, I keep my phone in a flipbelt to track my distance instead of an armband. Armbands aren’t my style because they tend to flop and fly around while I’m active. The only trouble with the flipbelt is my phone is sitting at the core of my body where there isn’t much movement. Therefore, on a treadmill I’m losing up to .10-.15 of a mile every single mile. For instance, this morning I had to run 3.8. The treadmill said I had run 4.25 before my phone said I reached 3.8.

It’s becoming extremely frustrating because I’m doing the best I can, but I’m getting slower according to my Nike running app. I have to find a solution quickly because right now my current plan of action is to get irritated and not finish.

On the bright side, I ran 10 miles outside on Saturday. I made my friend Carly tag along with me to a lake in Raleigh so I wouldn’t be out there by myself. She did a lap around the lake, then strung up a hammock to enjoy the weather while I finished my run. Super thankful for her. I also found the Marathon Training Academy podcast. It really helped during the long run in that it kept me entertained, educated me on running techniques, and provided some interesting interviews.

Weekly mileage: 26

Yearly mileage: 59.8


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