week nine & feeling fine.

Y’all – I ran 12 miles at one time. 12 miles. Let that sink in for a minute.

I’m starting to realize that this training program may not be the best one for me. It seems way too intense compared to other training programs that I have reviewed. I think this one would be great if I was working towards a personal record, but I’m not. My goal is simply to finish. I’ll probably use this program again next year for the Disney Princess Half, but for the other races I have in 2015 I think I’ll try out a different program.

Monday – 5 miles – 53:50

Tuesday – 3 miles – 34:24

Wednesday -9 miles – 1:39:01

Friday – 2 miles – 23:12

Saturday – 12 miles – 2:23:09

Sunday – Rest day

This week I got back on the horse (treadmill) so to speak. Monday started out great with a 5 mile run before work and I had to juggle around some of my workouts to accommodate a birthday dinner with a friend, but I feel good about how I did. Saturday really showed me how much I’ve grown in running and knowing myself. I was visiting Abby & Alan and had every intention to get my 12 miles in before breakfast. I got up, dressed, and went downstairs to their treadmill but could not will myself to go. I was sleepy, hungry, and I felt like if I didn’t finish quickly enough, I would ruin everyone’s day. Instead of forcing myself and resenting the run, I stopped and decided I would try again later in the day. Though the 12 miles at one go was overwhelming to think about, and at mile 7 I was ready to stop, I kept pushing the second go around and got it done. I feel confident that on race day, I will finish strong.

Running box

In other exciting news, race day is 20 days away! Woohoo! To celebrate, Abby & Alan gave me the most thoughtful box of goodies to get me through the last leg of training. Sorry for the blurry picture, but it contained epsom salt, body glide, two bundles of soft hair ties, a bag of starbursts (my preferred race fuel), and an awesome tank top that says “Forget the glass slippers, this princess wears running shoes” on the front and “& she ran happily ever after” on the back. I can’t wait to wear that post-race! Also, they found the cutest 13.1 decal for my car. I’ve been on the fence about whether or not to buy one, but this one is just too cute and matches my car’s sideview mirrors that I can’t resist. I’m so excited to put it on Gizmo when we get back from Florida.

Weekly mileage: 31

Yearly mileage: 109


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