the martian.

I was minding my own business a few weeks ago when this trailer happened into my life:

Looks pretty interesting, right? I thought so, too. (Plus Matt Damon, hello handsome). After a little investigation, I discovered it is a book by Andy Weir.  Luckily, I happened to put myself on the waiting list at the Wake County Library before it got out of control, and checked it out last weekend.

I was  a little skeptical at first because it was a sci-fi novel about Mars. It had the potential to be incredibly boring, so with that in mind, I took it with me Wednesday morning while I waited for my roommate to have blood work done. I figured, hey, if I was going to sit in a boring doctor’s office, I might as well start on a potentially boring book.

Seven chapters later, I was disappointed I had to put my little sci-fi book away and go to work. It was mesmerizing. It probably helped that the majority of the book was in the form of journal logs from the main character. I couldn’t help but turn the pages with bated breath as I read what was happening on Mars.

I’ll stop while I’m ahead so I don’t give away the ending. I’m terrible about spoiling shows, movies, and books. Needless to say, I can’t wait until November when the movie comes out. Who’s with me?!


Race Recap: Esprit de She

I ran the Esprit de She 5K race in Cary last night, and I desperately tried not to be annoyed at the whole situation. Why was I annoyed? Great question. There are several reasons:

  1. I signed up for this race in January not knowing it was going to be 90+ degrees for the majority of June
  2. I signed up for the 10K race and had it ripped away from me the night before thanks to an email that politely said “Hey – it’s too hot. We’re not letting anyone run more than 3.1”. Well thanks guys…I’m not an adult or anything. I don’t make decisions for myself on a daily basis. *side eye*
  3. I was running alone.

The event was pretty awesome if I’m honest. I wish I had a friend with me because I think I would have enjoyed it more. There were all sorts of vendors set up for before and after the race. There was an emcee on hand and a Bubbly Bar (you got two complimentary glasses of champagne for registering). I’m not really sure how anyone drank after running in that God awful heat, but more power to them.

Distance: 3.1 miles
Time: 32:21
Overall Thoughts: Running alone sucks. I’m so used to chatting the miles away that I seriously couldn’t focus on anything other than my feet pounding the pavement without having someone by my side to talk to. Also, I saw the pictures from crossing the finish line. Dear Lord, I don’t make pretty faces when I run. I also need to invest in some non-cotton tanks to run in. End of story.

This is the last race on my schedule until September, then a half-marathon in November, December & February! That is, unless I can convince my dad to run a July 4th race next weekend. 😉

Happy Running!