mark your calendars.

I like quirky things. That fact coupled with working in higher education has led me to have a deep-rooted love of calendars based on an academic year. I design academic planners for our students, I pause at Target every single back to school season to see what colors are popular on planners each year, and I drool over great planner layouts on instagram and etsy. When A Beautiful Mess posted about their academic planners for 2015-2016, I was all over it. In fact, I tagged my friend, Carly, in the post or texted her (all forms of communication blur together over time) and she said she was already looking at them.


This planner is up to snuff. I am in love with it. I carry it around like I would a book for class. It’s quirky, colorful, and it’s providing a way to keep track of all the things I do (for work and for play). Plus, it comes with emoji stickers. EMOJI STICKERS.

Anyway, there’s no real point to this post. I just wanted to share something with the world, and why not my #busy planner.