she believed she could…

My last post was about the medal holder I made with my dad over Thanksgiving, and it turns out he spent a little more time  in the garage (or should I call it Santa’s workshop) after I left! 

He made this race bib holder to go along with my medals. How incredibly thoughtful, right?! Though I had to ask how he got so good at painting letters in the short time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I won’t give away his secret though. 

So if you love a runner, here’s a tip: make them something that enables them to show off their hard earned bibs and medals! 😉


medal chasing.

When I first started running, I spent tons of time researching it (as with anything that I do). By researching, I mean I read tons of blog posts, bought a few Runner’s World magazines, asked my experienced running friends questions, and all but memorized dozens of Race Day Dos & Don’ts lists. Early on in my reading, I came across a blog post or a pin on Pinterest that said something to the effect of only racing for the bling (medals). I rolled my eyes and thought, “Oh my gosh – how materialistic. I would never sign up for a race just because of the medal!” Fast forward a year and here I am writing a blog post about my medal holder.

I looked around on Etsy and saw some ideas that I liked, but nothing that really matched what I was looking for. In true Leah fashion of putting the cart before the horse, I ran out to Hobby Lobby and purchased four drawer pulls/knobs because they were on sale. Then I pitched the idea to my dad.

Thankfully, he was just as excited as I was and trekked out to my grandpa’s old packing barn and found a piece of wood that needed a little TLC then it would fit my needs. So while I was home for Thanksgiving, Dad and I spent some time in the garage sanding and cleaning up this piece of wood. Next up, we had to drill the holes for my knobs. I learned my lesson in spacing knobs when I helped make a valance to hold curtains a year or so ago, so this time I was golden. I tend to forget you need to measure for one extra section so your holes line up correctly. Sometimes math is hard for me.


Once we got all the woodworking done (and the garage swept up and some Christmas wreaths hung), we had to venture to the store to find a clear coat and stencils for my numbers. Apparently, I thought I would be an expert at painting numbers on there because I’ve taken one calligraphy class. Yeah….not so much. Hobby Lobby came to the rescue, yet again, and I found stencils that were a good size for my project.

IMG_1476(Thanks, Dad!)

Then I went home and painted to my heart’s content. After the paint was dry, Dad assisted me with installing the knobs and cutting off the excess on the back so it would lay flat against the wall.

Then the hard part came…hanging it up on my wall by myself. I was actually quite terrified it would fall off in the middle of the night. Actually…I’m still kind of scared of that. But it’s still hanging up there! (Fingers crossed that it hasn’t fallen when I get home from Christmas vacation).


Not too shabby, right? That’s what about $20 in supplies, 70ish miles, and quality time with your dad will get you. 🙂