medal chasing.

When I first started running, I spent tons of time researching it (as with anything that I do). By researching, I mean I read tons of blog posts, bought a few Runner’s World magazines, asked my experienced running friends questions, and all but memorized dozens of Race Day Dos & Don’ts lists. Early on in my reading, I came across a blog post or a pin on Pinterest that said something to the effect of only racing for the bling (medals). I rolled my eyes and thought, “Oh my gosh – how materialistic. I would never sign up for a race just because of the medal!” Fast forward a year and here I am writing a blog post about my medal holder.

I looked around on Etsy and saw some ideas that I liked, but nothing that really matched what I was looking for. In true Leah fashion of putting the cart before the horse, I ran out to Hobby Lobby and purchased four drawer pulls/knobs because they were on sale. Then I pitched the idea to my dad.

Thankfully, he was just as excited as I was and trekked out to my grandpa’s old packing barn and found a piece of wood that needed a little TLC then it would fit my needs. So while I was home for Thanksgiving, Dad and I spent some time in the garage sanding and cleaning up this piece of wood. Next up, we had to drill the holes for my knobs. I learned my lesson in spacing knobs when I helped make a valance to hold curtains a year or so ago, so this time I was golden. I tend to forget you need to measure for one extra section so your holes line up correctly. Sometimes math is hard for me.


Once we got all the woodworking done (and the garage swept up and some Christmas wreaths hung), we had to venture to the store to find a clear coat and stencils for my numbers. Apparently, I thought I would be an expert at painting numbers on there because I’ve taken one calligraphy class. Yeah….not so much. Hobby Lobby came to the rescue, yet again, and I found stencils that were a good size for my project.

IMG_1476(Thanks, Dad!)

Then I went home and painted to my heart’s content. After the paint was dry, Dad assisted me with installing the knobs and cutting off the excess on the back so it would lay flat against the wall.

Then the hard part came…hanging it up on my wall by myself. I was actually quite terrified it would fall off in the middle of the night. Actually…I’m still kind of scared of that. But it’s still hanging up there! (Fingers crossed that it hasn’t fallen when I get home from Christmas vacation).


Not too shabby, right? That’s what about $20 in supplies, 70ish miles, and quality time with your dad will get you. 🙂



Just a swingin’

Y’all, I have been obsessing over a chair from Pier 1 for quite some time now. I first saw it online in passing and admired it as one of those things that I didn’t have room for. Then I decided to move and thought it would fit perfectly on my porch. I mean I had the perfect view and all I needed was the perfect chair. However, my practical side thought otherwise. It convinced me that I didn’t need a $500 chair and stand no matter how much I said I would use it. So I put the want to rest and went on with my life.

Enter my grandmother. She came to visit this weekend with my mom to check out my new digs and we happened to wander into Pier 1 after an obligatory trip to Target. I saw the chair and immediately ran over to sit in it. I noticed it was on sale and was convincing myself that I was okay with spending the money. I picked out a cushion and pillow (hello, the perfect chair needs perfect accessories) and walked over to the counter to pay for it when my Meme swooped in saying, “I’m going to get this for you.” WHAT?! “No way!” I protested and told her I just got a raise and I didn’t mind making the investment. Then she brushed me off and told the sales lady to add one of those tables with the feet that slide under the couch in, too. Two hours later, we were taking turns swinging on my porch.


And now, where am I blogging from tonight? The wonderful swingasan chair on my porch! It’s raining and we’re finally getting a break from the heat that was scorching today. Life couldn’t be better.

Monday after the move!

Since my lunch was overwhelmingly disappointing (wet lettuce and soggy croutons will do that to you), I’ll spend the rest of my lunch break telling you about my move. I’ll give you a sneak peak into my new abode!

Photo Jun 01, 8 57 41 PM


My wonderful parents showed up to help me dismantle a few pieces of furniture that weren’t lucky enough to make the move to the new apartment. After tearing some things apart, we started off on an adventure – seeing my new apartment for the first time! I was so excited! With two employees of the property and my parents in tow, I opened the door to my brand new place. I’ll admit, I hesitated. I doubted my decision for a split second. What if my furniture didn’t fit? What if I made a terrible mistake? Fortunately, there was no time to fret about that.

Photo Jun 01, 10 07 15 AM


My movers got to my old apartment early, crashed the moving truck into my neighbor’s car (whoops!), and started packing the truck! According to one of the guys, I don’t have an excessive amount of things and my furniture isn’t giant-size. Apparently, I like to freak out about anything and everything. After lunch, they started unloading at the new place (complete with a redneck-i-fied door opener, i.e., a large rubber band, two doors and a Target bag). By the grace of God, my furniture fit and I actually feel like I have more living space instead of wasted space.

Photo Jun 03, 7 38 55 AM


My commute was only 20 minutes as opposed to the usual 50-55 minutes. Holla! I got up at my normal hour, ran downstairs to the gym and got 45 minutes in on the treadmill, had time to get ready and eat breakfast. I couldn’t ask for anything better!

I couldn’t have done this without my parents. I tell you, I’m one lucky girl to have a set of parents who support me in all my endeavors.

ghosts and ghouls and candy corn, oh my!

Hello friends!

As promised, I got half of my homework done so now I can tell you all about my life. I’ve got my mug of hot chocolate, an old episode of SNL is on, and I’m wrapped up in my sweats. Now where to begin?!

Last night, Abby and I carved pumpkins. Now we never carved pumpkins growing up. I have to hand it to my parents…they got out of the messiest of Halloween crafts. With that being said, we didn’t really know what we were doing. I honestly don’t think that Ab wanted to carve pumpkins, but they were 2 for $10 at Harris Teeter so she kinda had to. I went with my favorite football team’s logo and she grabbed a corkscrew and just went with it.

She decided on a polka dot pumpkin, but unfortunately when you put a corkscrew to a pumpkin, the pumpkin flesh doesn’t come out as smoothly a wine cork. I also learned that an ice cream scooper is the best tool for scooping out the pumpkin guts. You can take that little fact all the way to the bank!

As you can see from this lovely little collage, my pumpkin was b-i-g. You should have seen me struggling with it out of the grocery store and up to the third floor of Abby’s apartment building. Holy moly. Runkeeper really should have a pumpkin-carrying seasonal work-out option.

They didn’t turn out too bad, and as Abby’s friend Erin said when she walked down to her car, “The pumpkins look legit from down here.” And now for a little taste of my home:

As for Halloween, my favorite guy and I are going to a haunted winery event on Saturday. I’m pretty excited about my outfit, too! You’ll have to wait and see what it is. We were going to go as Uncle Sam and Rosie the Riveter, but we’re too classy for costumes. (Actually…we just don’t have the time to put costumes together!)

I hope your last full week of October is fabulous! Two months from today I will be making my way back home from my Christmas trip to NYC. Time is flying by!



The Hydrangea Conumdrum

Most people get stressed over bills, work, or their personal lives. No, not me. Instead I get stressed over the size of the hydrangea bush that is currently taking over my porch.

At Easter, I was gifted a hydrangea plant. I have a soft spot for hydrangeas and apparently that means that I need the actual bush – a bouquet of hydrangeas just wouldn’t suffice. (I mean seriously, who gives someone who lives in an apartment a plant/bush?!) Around May/June the hydrangea bush and I had a scary encounter – it tried to die on me, but with some TLC, I brought it back. I didn’t think it would come back to haunt me. Now it is in need of constant watering and it’s leaves are spilling over my planter. I’m pretty sure it’s bigger than one of my porch chairs.

This picture is not an accurate representation of the size of Mr. Hydrangea.

If anyone would like part of a hydrangea bush and knows how to split it properly, let me know. I’ll be over here nursing the stomach ulcer I’m getting and reading my lease to see if large plants have to pay rent.

Apartment: Complete!

Good morning!

In keeping with my previous post, I finally finished decorating my apartment. (I’ve only been there 10 months…)! I’ve had a 36 X 24 inch framed world map laying against a wall for about a month now. When I asked a friend from home for advice on how to hang it, his response was “You’re cute…find someone to do it for you.”

Enter my dear friend Michael. I kind of volunteered/voluntold him that he was helping me. He came over and fixed dinner (yummy!) and then proceeded to hang my world map and the curtains my mom and I decided I just had to have. This little project just goes to show I should never be allowed to hang anything up in my house. First of all, we had to make a trip to Target to buy screwdrivers. Then I couldn’t find the screwdrivers in Target. I mean come on, one assumes a screwdriver would be in the home improvement section…not so! Then I didn’t even measure the wall that I hung the world map on. I just told him to put some nails up. Lucky for me, it was pretty well centered to not have tried at all. (I really should try a little harder). Hope you’re having a great day, folks!

(This picture makes me think either I have a slanted floor or I’m incapable of taking a picture.)