study study study.

Oh, just taking pictures of myself while I’m supposed to be doing homework. Maybe if I get some work done tonight, I can actually blog about the fun things I’ve been doing. Back to work!


Welcome to Class!

When I’m not working or studying, I’m usually baking, reading, or finding new ways to add glitter to my life. I also enjoy blogging, shoe-shopping, and finding local restaurants to fall in love with.

Excerpt from a discussion board post for my second MBA class – my teacher is either going to love me or hate me.

Legally Blonde….Business Brunette.

Have you seen Legally Blonde? It’s one of my favorite movies (and musicals!). I especially love the part when Elle hands her resume to Professor Callahan, and he turns to his T.A. and says, “Do you think she woke up one morning and said: I think I’ll go to law school today.?”

As luck would have it, I did the exact same thing. Okay, well not law school, but I decided three weeks ago to apply to graduate school to pursue an MBA. Grad school has always been on my radar, but I pushed it off and pushed it off. Until three weeks ago. I made the call to see if they were still accepting applications, asked for recommendations, and scheduled my GMAT appointment. Then today I got my acceptance letter! I’m a mixture of terrified and really excited. Watch out Lundy-Fetterman, I’m about to kick your butt…again! Who wants to help me pick out school supplies?

Oh, and for your enjoyment: Bend and Snap from Legally Blonde the Musical!