Folk Lifestyle Writing Challenge Week 6

So I’m a terrible blogger and I missed last week’s writing prompt. Maybe I will make it up if I find the time. Until then, here’s this week’s!

What family memento do you cherish? Why?

My Meme has gorgeous wedding rings. The band is made up of two rings that have been soldered together and the engagement ring drops into the band to create a three ring effect. Around the diamond are four sapphires in triangles. It’s elegant, it’s timeless, and it’s a beauty. However it’s not the memento that I cherish. My sister boldly staked claim on this ring years ago, and her and my mother battle it out quite frequently. So where do I come into play and what’s my memento? One Sunday morning, I was sitting in church and Meme was wearing this pretty silver ring with a pearl in it on her pinky. I looked over to her and whispered, “Meme, I know Abby claimed your wedding bands, can I have that one?” (Yes, we’re morbid and claim jewelry prematurely…it’s what we do). She laughed at me and said it was just a measly piece of costume jewelry. Then she took it off and handed to me. To this day, I wear it almost regularly (at least when I don’t wear gold) and I always get compliments on it. However, the fact that it’s costume jewelry can be our little secret.


Folk Lifestyle Writing Prompt: Week 4

I’m a slacker and I missed last week’s prompt. Life has been slightly hectic. This week’s prompt is: In the near future, what are you looking forward to the most?

In the near future, I’m looking forward to: making valentine’s for my loved ones, picking out my sister’s wedding dress, celebrating my 23rd birthday, hosting a weekend with one of my very best friends, finishing up class #3 of my MBA, going to Atlanta, and most importantly Springtime.

But for now, I’m looking forward to sitting on my couch in my sweatpants watching When Harry Met Sally.

“It is so nice when you can sit with someone and not have to talk.” – Harry Burns


Folk Authentic Week 3

This is a continuation of a writing challenge from Folk Lifestyle. The second post can be found here.

At what point in your life have you experienced a successful failure? What are some things you have done but previously thought you could never do?

A successful failure – I love that description. My whole life I’ve constantly viewed failure as something to be ashamed of. I have considered so many things failures in my life; a poor quiz grade, a missed goal on the soccer field, forgetting my lines in my high school play. Now that I’m older, those failures have more meaning: a broken relationship, a missed job opportunity, even a bad haircut (those are the worst!). Somehow I’ve never managed to view those failures as being successful in any way, shape, or form. Now taking the time to think about it, every failure has made me who I am. Every shut door has made me think creatively about what I want and why I want it. Every disappointment in a relationship has taught me how to fight hard for the other person or fight even harder for myself. And I’m sure every bad haircut is slowly preparing me for the day I find the haircut for my face, shape, and body!

Some things I have done but previously thought I could never do:

  1. Live by myself
  2. Take (and pass) the GMAT with little preparation
  3. Make an A in graduate school
  4. Go through airport security by myself (it’s the small battles I’m most proud of!)
  5. Navigate one of the largest cities in the world by myself (did this twice! Bam!)

These are all relatively small accomplishments, but a girl’s gotta start somewhere.

Folk Writing Challenge Week 2

This is a continuation of a writing challenge from Folk Lifestyle. The first post can be found here.

What short term and long term goals do you hope to achieve this year? How are your New Year’s Resolutions holding up?

This is a tough question for me. I’m very detailed oriented and I like to have things listed in steps. I like knowing where to go when I’m finished with a task. However, I’m very challenged in the goal setting category. I’m great at accomplishing things other people want me to do, but I can’t for the life of me make my own goals. With that being said, I’m actually glad this question popped up. It’s forcing me to do something I don’t like.

I’m going to define my short-term goals as things I can accomplish in six months or less. These would include: getting back into shape for the summer, making an A in the class I’m about to start, keeping my spending to a minimum, and doing things for myself.

My long-term goals would be things I can accomplish by December 31, 2013. These would include: reading 75 books (which is a resolution!), saving money for a big trip after I graduate with my MBA, moving out of my first “big-girl” apartment, and taking up a new hobby that I’ve always thought was cool (painting!).

As for my resolutions, I’m only a week in but I have been eating healthier. I’ve learned that I only eat junk food if I buy it, and it’s not hard to resist buying it. I have recognized that I was people-pleasing and put an end to it as hard as it was. I have met my Gympact pact for the week. And I am almost finished with one book and started another.

2013, I think you’re going to be alright.

Folk: Live Authentic Writing Challenge

My dear friend, Christopher, sent me a link to a writing challenge on Folk Lifestyle and encouraged me to do it (you can read his first post here). The idea is that a year is basically a 365 page book, and that we are to write a good one. Each week they’ll post writing prompts for readers to tackle. So here goes nothing.

Week 1: Write a letter to the 2012 you. Reflect on lessons learned in 2012 and how you will apply your new knowledge to 2013.


Dear 2012 Leah,

I wish with all my might that I could send you the wisdom you gained in 2012 before you experienced the first day of the year, but unfortunately I wouldn’t be the person writing to you today if you hadn’t gone through it first.

First and foremost, 2012 is going to suck. It’s going to knock you down, challenge you, and piss you off, but worst of all…it’s going to break your heart. You’re going to be angry and upset for a good chunk of the year. I know it seems easier to run away from it all, but stick it out. It’ll get better. That heartache and pain will teach you things as only experience can.

It’s going to teach you to not trust everyone. You have a real problem with that, you know? You’re always believing the best of people, and sometimes people are just fooling you. Sometimes people know the right thing to say and the right time to say it. Those people will hurt you more than you can imagine because you want them to be better. You’re going to learn that you can’t change those people.  You can’t make them be who you think they are. Don’t waste your time on people like this.

It’s going to teach you to stand up for yourself because right now you think everyone has your back.

It’s going to teach you that being an adult is way harder than it looks. You’ll develop an appreciation for your parents that you can’t even comprehend right now.

It’s going to shake your world and take your Papa away from you. DO NOT complain about driving to Lynchburg – this will be the last time you see him alive. Savor every second.

I’m sure right now you’re thinking, “Don’t make me do this!” Don’t worry. You’ll get through it. You’ll experience far more joy in your life and appreciate so much more after going through these tough times. You’re going to start grad school and make your first A in your MBA program. You’re going to get a promotion. You’re going to have the best pizza you’ve ever had in your life. You’re going to celebrate your golden birthday. You’re going to learn how to dance the Charleston. You’re going to visit Las Vegas and New York City. You’re going to decide what that tattoo you’ve always wanted is going to be. You’re going to spend the Fourth of July on the beach. You’re going to laugh until you cry with friends you didn’t know you had. You’re going to meet a cute boy while bowling. You’re going to have a lot of sushi with your sister.

So chin up, little one. You’re going to make it through 2012 and we’re going to be a better Leah because of it. Thanks for enduring it.

Love always,