she believed she could…

My last post was about the medal holder I made with my dad over Thanksgiving, and it turns out he spent a little more time  in the garage (or should I call it Santa’s workshop) after I left! 

He made this race bib holder to go along with my medals. How incredibly thoughtful, right?! Though I had to ask how he got so good at painting letters in the short time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I won’t give away his secret though. 

So if you love a runner, here’s a tip: make them something that enables them to show off their hard earned bibs and medals! 😉


projects galore.

Hi friends. As I ran through my daily blogs at lunchtime, my first thought was, “Why has no one updated their blog?!” Then I realized I haven’t updated my blog and now we’re here. Life has been quite busy for me lately! Shane and I have been doing home improvement projects, planning for fun activities (hello, Wicked tickets!), cooking up yummy dishes, and searching for the perfect Christmas decorations. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind to say the least.

Last weekend, I merged two pinterest tutorials into one to create a valance for above the sliding back deck door. We were inspired by this shower curtain tutorial and then I found this tutorial on how to weather wood. Needless to say, Shane was pretty impressed by my pinterest blending skills. He was not impressed, however, by the amount of time it took to get all of those knobs measured and in place. I thought it turned out pretty awesome. We’re just waiting to get our hands on some vintage metal doorknobs his mom found to use as curtain tiebacks. When it’s all done, I’ll post better pictures.



Then last night, I was out with a friend on a Target date when I get a phone call saying, “Hey babe, have you left Target? I need chalk.” A strange request, huh? I thought so, too. I got to his house to discover a newly painted chalkboard wall. How fun!

Again, I’ll post pictures soon. My camera is at my parents’ house and my iPhone can only do so much.

Have a lovely Thursday evening!