March Madness.

Hello – your terrible blog updater is at your service.

You know that saying that March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb? Well, Mother Nature must have forgotten that one. It’s been a dreary, windy, cold, tornado-y month. Okay, so that it wasn’t that tornado-y, but I did spend a significant amount of time wrapped in a blanket burrito, fearing for my safety on Saturday night.

Let’s look back:

  1. I took 15,000+ steps on March 20
  2. I had my first massage and facial experience (& felt way out of my league)
  3. I was pulled over and ticketed for the first time in my life (ouch)
  4. I was first place in my work’s bracket challenge for a significant amount of time. I was convinced Warren Buffett was going to have to pay me for a perfect bracket.
  5. Sarah and I ordered no less than 6 beverages at brunch in Charlottesville – we were running of out of room for all of our liquid
  6. I attended my 2nd baby shower
  7. I was spoiled with 2 new things from Moon & Lola + Chanel perfume just because
  8. I learned I signed a 13 month lease instead of a 12 month lease (another ouch moment)
  9. I learned that the word “kurtosis” refers to the hump on a distribution curve
  10. I’ve read 2 books
  11. I spent 8 hours in a car to see my best friend for the weekend 🙂
  12. I tearfully made it to season 4 of Breaking Bad – poor Jesse.

See ya in April!


february wrap-up.

Holy cow, that was fast! I cannot believe that February has come and gone.

Here’s a quick look back at one of my favorite months:

  1. I went to the gym 17 times and hiked Raven Rock State Park once
  2. I attended my first baby shower
  3. I had 2 snow days where I didn’t change out of my pajamas and huddled in a blanket nest
  4. I’ve saved the $42 required for the 52-week money challenge
  5. I spent $173.43 on gas — down $113.49 from last month! Yay for shorter months and snow days.
  6. I made a dozen muffins
  7. I paid tuition for the second to last time!
  8. I earned an A in my first class of the semester
  9. I’ve gone 6 days without talking to my mom 😦
  10. I ate the most incredible peanut butter bacon banana sandwich
  11. I joined the Kate Spade New York watch club!
  12. I ate 1 slice of strawberry cake and 3 triple chocolate cupcakes
  13. The Furicane returned to North Carolina!
  14. I purchased a FitBit yesterday and I’ve taken 1,532 steps since I set it up last night at 7:00

So that was my month! Let’s see what March has to offer!

adios january.

I cannot believe that January is over already. Technically we have 14 hours left, but still…

Just like that we’re 1/12 of the way through 2014 and what do I have to show for it?!

Things I’ve accomplished in January:

  1. I’ve been to the gym on average 4.2 times a week (mostly at 5:00 a.m. – ouch)
  2. I’ve helped the boy install 6 of 11 sets of blinds in the new house!
  3. I’ve made a dozen cupcakes that disappeared in 3 days
  4. I’ve cooked approximately 22 dinners & packed tons of lunches
  5. I enjoyed 1 snow day where I discovered the wonderful nectar of the gods, also known as coconut oil
  6. I’ve watched 2 seasons of Raising Hope, 1.25 seasons of Friends, 2 episodes of Breaking Bad and I’m currently caught up on Downton Abbey season 4
  7. I’ve read 4 books
  8. I spent 3.5 hours navigating the nightmare that is known as IKEA
  9. I spent 2.75 days in Virginia
  10. I’ve sent 7 pieces of mail
  11. I lost $286.92 to Sheetz and the Moozda’s constant hunger for gas
  12. I’ve saved the $26 required for the 52-week money challenge (hi, mom!)
  13. I fed Henry* once – his feedings are the boy’s responsibility because his food stinks and the last time I fed him he regurgitated his food and began pooping within 30 seconds of me feeding him

So there are the numbers of my month. Now to take on February, the best month ever! 🙂

*Henry is our orange African Cichlid – he kind of looks like a goldfish, but he’s shy…except for when he poops and pukes. Shane likes fish. It’s weird.