out with the old…

2013 – You were supremely better than 2012. You were packed full of excitement, trips and moments that made my heart feel like it was going to burst with joy! While I wait for the clock to tick down to Christmas and a new year (and new possibilities), let’s revisit the best moments of 2013.

  • Visiting Gwendolyn in Athens, GA! Athens is such a cool place and any time I can utter the phrase, “I’m a sushi-filled blob” is a good memory in my book!
  • The infamous Geico Hump Day commercial!
  • Buying a pair of white Converse All Stars – best. purchase. ever.
  • Reading the Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Yes, it’s a young adult book. Yes, it’s sappy. Yes, it made me bawl my eyes out. I can’t wait for the movie!
  • 23 things for my 23rd birthday – I’ve accomplished 9 of the 23. I’ve still got 2 months, right?!
  • Moving!!
  • Seeing John Mayer in concert!
  • Carrying the RDU Baton.
  • Chopping my hair off! Here’s to it growing out quickly in 2014.
  • iPhone 5, baby!
  • My sister getting married. AKA getting the best big brother ever!
  • Meeting the boyfriend…#swoon
  • Discovering the amazing concoction known as a venti Iced White Mocha
  • Making a zombie survival kit
  • Visiting Sarah in Charlottesville
  • Getting promoted!
  • Painting the handsome Mr. Hunter for a Christmas present


I’m about to start this novel by Ron Rash. It’s set in North Carolina and has been turned into a movie that is to be released on October 31. The movie stars Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, and we all know how much I loved them together in SLP. Yay library books!Serena

i’m a big kid now!

Oh, Crop!

I thought it was important to share with you this little gem I whipped up in Photoshop for my new office. Why do I have a new office, you ask? What does it have to do with design? Oh, nothing really…just that my new title is Director of Communications. That’s right – I somehow convinced my boss (and his boss) that I know how to write, edit, and design well enough to do it for the College. Fake it til ya make it. 🙂

23 – update!

Hi there. Hello. I think we’ve met before?

I’m the world’s worst blog owner. I have just discarded you and kept on keeping on in everyday life. Please forgive me even though I know you’re tired of my meaningless apologies by now. Since I last left you, I have traveled home twice, flew to Atlanta, baked the most perfect caramel cake known to man, and tackled four books on my reading list. Nothing extremely exciting is going on in my life right now (I have a midterm tonight – that’s as exciting as it gets, folks), so I’ll update you on the Year of 23 things:

-I’m currently on book 8 of 100 for the year 23 (and book 10 for the 75 I am attempting for 2013).

-I have baked approximately one cake for my grandmother’s birthday. I have a birthday party I’m going to Thursday which I’m supposed to bring something sweet, too. That counts as number two. Any suggestions?

-I’m on week 5 of the 52 week money challenge. (Hello $15 added to my savings account!)

-I have recycled almost every can/bottle that has come through my hands.

-I’m on book 4 of the Harry Potter series.
So I’m making a small dent into it slowly but surely. I’m sure my momentum will increase once Spring finally shows up. Happy Monday!

The Fault in Our Stars = Making Leah Sob Like a Baby

Disclaimer: I ruin any and all endings to books, movies, and tv shows because I cannot for the life of me keep things to myself. This has happened most recently with Downton Abbey which I will not discuss because I ruined season 3 for two co-workers and one of their daughters. This is my life, and this is the risk you take by being my friend. Proceed with caution.

On my list of 23 things and resolutions, I mentioned how I was going to embark on reading a million books. Okay, not really, just a hundred but I’m a sucker for hyperbole. I said I was going to read 75 as my 2012 resolution and 100 while I’m 23. Yeah – those are lofty goals and my goodreads account quietly reminds me every day that I’m 7 books behind schedule. Whatever, goodreads, I’ve got a life to live, YOLO. 

“You are so busy being you that you have no idea how utterly unprecedented you are.” -John Green, TFiOS

As we all know, the only way out is through, so I’ve been picking up the slack on my reading list. Most recently (and by “most recently” I mean last night), I finished John Green’s “The Fault in Our Stars” and I must say I couldn’t put it down. That pains me to say because I so badly want to be a book snob and make everyone believe I don’t indulge in young adult fiction, but the truth of the matter is I loved that book. I thought it would be one of those easy to put down and pick back up books that I could knock out in a week or so at bedtime. How wrong was I! I started it Monday night (after a four hour lecture) and finished it last night. The writing was brilliant and the characters were so likable. I mean I laughed out loud at this book, I cried with this book, I almost threw it off my balcony. Seriously, you could have filmed my life for the past three days and made a top grossing rom-com out of it. It will definitely be one of those books I re-read (just not within the next year because it won’t count!).

So that puts be at having 7 books down for my 75 count and 3 down for my 100 count. Slow and steady wins the race, guys. I mean the tortoise beats the hare every time.

If you have any book suggestions, throw them out there. I think it’s taking me more time to find books I want to read than it takes me to read them.

Going, going, gone!

In the spirit of saying yes to new things and doing things that scare me, I made a spur of the moment decision to cut all of my hair off this weekend. I’ve been wanting to get a pixie cut since last summer, but I care too much about what people think about me. I didn’t want people to judge me. I didn’t want to look like a boy. I didn’t want boys to think I’m ugly because of my hair. (blah blah blah, whine a little bit more, right?) So Friday morning I walked into the salon and told my hairstylist that I wanted to chop it all off but I was scared. The reaction of the entire salon (it had been snowing and no other clients were there) was “Go for it! You’ll look great with short hair!” So out came the razor blade and off went the curls.


Those pictures are all within the past 12 months. I get bored with my hair easily – it’s not a crime. Now I go through a slight “Oh my gosh, what did I do?!” moment every day, but my short hair is growing on me (ha! pun intended). It’s a little funky and fierce – but I don’t think it’s going to stay like this for long. (I should not have found that picture of my curly hair – I miss it!)

Here’s to doing new and daring things in 2013!

How I Know I Will Fail at One or More Resolutions in 2013

I don’t make new year resolutions. I don’t because I know without a doubt I will break them. However, I decided 2013 is going to be the Year of the Resolution! My resolutions are:

Eat healthier
Exercise frequently and purposefully (no wimpy little mile-long walks anymore)
Say yes to new things
Give up people pleasing
Read 75 books

I can already tell you I will fail at number 1. How do I know this? Am I a fortune teller? Can I predict the future? Well I am wearing a fierce, sparkly cardigan today that could cause people to think I was those things. But the real reason I know I’m going to fail is because I’m fantasizing about Papa John’s pizza. My sister and I used to live together (no, not when we were forced to by our parents – our last year of college), and we had a Sunday night tradition. We would order a large Papa John’s pepperoni pizza and an order of Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks and watch Grey’s Anatomy or Army Wives. Which usually resulted in Abby sobbing uncontrollably. I even had a bad habit of ordering breadsticks when I had a bad day when I lived with Kara. It was so bad that she would come in the door and ask what was wrong as soon as she saw the greasy, buttery box.

Anyway since we both are away from our significant others, Abby and I are spending New Year’s Eve together and in her words, “We can order Papa John’s and start our new healthy diets tomorrow.” So that’s what we’re doing…and I’m currently fantasizing about what toppings I can put on my pizza. I might even have the Papa John’s menu open in a tab on my browser. Don’t judge me.



Told you I look like a fortune teller today.